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IDEAL FOR: Warehouses| Cold Storages | Sound Enclosure | Welding Bays | Clean Rooms| Hospitals |
Electronic industries | Food Processing Units | Pharmaceuticals| Cement Industries| Kitchens | Airports.

  • Energy conserving PVC Strip Curtains are guaranteed to reduce heat loss from exposed building entrances.    

    This product is manufactured to suit the clear opening specified by the client:-Standard width available- 200mm/300mm/400mm with a thickness of 2mm/3mm/4mm/5mm respectively. For further information or assistance kindly contact us.

  • Applications:

    1. Clear Transparent - For normal use such as thermal dividers, partitions.
    2. Clear Transparent Polar - For cold rooms.
    3. Green / Bronze Screen - Translucent for ultra violet and infrared light reduction for welding screens.
    4. Red / Orange - Translucent and opaque for warning and corner strips.
    5. Black Opaque - Conveyors
    6. Yellowish/ Orange (Anti-Amber) - Repels flies.
    7. Color/Finish:Standard colors include Grey, Orange, White and Yellow. Other colors are available on request.
    8. Double Ribbed - Useful for resilience against forklift/truck movement at entrances/partitions


Welding Booths can cause considerable problems to those on the shop floor not wearing eye protection. A Curtain or Booth can safely eliminate welding flash taking out over 99% of the dangerous UV transmission. With its unique properties the PVC strip lets through most of the remaining light spectrum for near perfect two way vision.




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