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Hand dryer
Hand dryer is an electronic sanitary item used to dry our hands. It is easy to use equipment and also available on low price in market. Through the blowing of the warm air, it helps in depletion of fluids. When we use towels to dry our hands, we feel that our hands are dry now but in reality it doesnít work on some deep area of the hand but hand dryer has the ability to survive the micro organism of body. The warm air, blowing from the dryer, absorbs the water from the hands.

Soap/Foam Dispenser
These dispensers are available in manual and sensor versions. Both the push button manual dispenser and the sensor foam dispenser eject proportioned liquid soap/foam for the convenience of cleaning your hands. They provide for a compact and hygienic cleaning medium.

Aerosol Dispenser
The Aerosol dispenser serves the purpose of neutralizing malodors in a room and leaving a clean fresh scent which can be programmed at emission intervals of the userís choice. They come in Day/Night and Digital versions.

Shoe Shine Machine
They dispense a neutral cream polish and provide you with both black and dark tan buffs to give your shoes a lustrous shine making them an attractive component of a well managed clean room.



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